Why not try a Dyson supersonic hair dryer silver to nourish hair?

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WOW! What is the appliance? It can bubble?!

dyson supersonic hair dryer silver can bubble
dyson supersonic hair dryer silver can bubble

By the end of the year, in other words, we are about to welcome a new year. In the new year, praying for a good wish is a human nature. And I want to get a new dryer.

Most people want to fall in love in the new year, earn a lot of money, etc., and why do I want a Dyson hair dryer? I don’t want to say that this is a tragic history about my hair.

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Usually my hair is dry and rancid, and the color is yellow. When I want to talk to the hairstylist about how to make a haircut, the hair stylist will sigh silently after measuring my hair – it is because there is no good hair, even the best hair stylists can’t make beautiful hairstyles.

Usually I also use a variety of hair cares to moisturize my hair, but the effect is not obvious. Until one day I chatted with my friends and found one thing I had never done – just change to a better hair dryer.

dyson supersonic hair dryer silver
dyson supersonic hair dryer silver

Why is the hair dryer so important? Because when they, many hair dryers on the market are blowing, whenever their heating wire temperature is too high, and their own heat sink is insufficient (some have no heat sink), it will cause the overheated wind to blow out, so that the hair and scalp are injured and it is an irreversible damage.

When I found out the crux of the problem, I decided to change to a new hair dryer to improve my hair quality – and the Dyson supersonic hair dryer silver was my first choice.
Let me talk about the brand Dyson first.

Dyson is a UK company dedicated to the technology that simplifies people’s life. Its products include air purifiers, vacuum cleaners, hair dryers, etc. The power of big brand companies is unquestionable.

The Dyson supersonic hair dryer has a very nice appearance – it is coated with a metallic luster. The main part is cylindrical and hollow in the middle, so that it is not easy to get stuck in the hair dryer when blowing hair.

dyson supersonic hair dryer silver
dyson supersonic hair dryer silver

However, people will say doubt the Dyson supersonic hair dryer is only a high value, its value is so expensive, is it worth the price? Be patient!
its high-tech skills have not yet been mentioned! Let’s continue to talk below.

One of its powerful advantages is its strong wind speed. One of the core heroes is Dyson’s proud digital motor – the 9th-generation Dyson digital motor, which precisely controls the speed through smart chips, making the hair dryer the 13 blades, at 110,000 rpm, deliver three times the powerful airflow through the Air AmplifierTM airflow multiplier technology, which provides the high speed and high volume of airflow required for fast dry hair. Thereby it reduces damage to the hair.

Another great thing is that it has a temperature control function. When drying hair and creating a hairstyle at close range, the temperature of the tuyere can be monitored 20 times per second, and the air temperature controlling the outlet is never more than 150 °C.,so that it can prevent the hair from being damaged by overheating, and that the hair shines.

In addition, there are some details that are commendable. For example, there are three winds selections and three heats selections ,That is, there are twelve combinations of winds that meet the needs of different time periods. Plus, it also comes with three kinds of nozzles, which are used for curling, drying and styling. In the market, there really is no rival that can compete with it.

So in the end, for your hair becoming more beautiful, why not try a Dyson supersonic hair dryer silver to nourish hair?

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