Why do I want to buy a second Dyson hair dryer?

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Dyson Supersonic hair dryer

Dyson Supersonic hair dryer

I have a pink Dyson Supersonic hair dryer, the price of $430 is not cheap, but I decided to buy one more.

At that time, I ready to move to a new house. Many things needed to be added. I was so busy, One of my friends was so smart as me. He sent this Dyson hair dryer as a gift before I wanted to buy. He really understand my heart .

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The reason for like it is very simple: good-looking, western-style, and high-classic. Which one who bought a Dyson hair dryer can hold back to post news in the facebook or instagram?

So I plan to buy another silver-white Dyson Supersonic TM. I have to be honest, I want to send someone to be a New Year gift before I buy it, emmm… so excited to image the scenes when she receive it .

dyson supersonictm hair dryer
dyson supersonictm hair dryer

Such a high-powered hair dryer, of course, it’s absolutely keep in my security box under my bed.

But frankly, if I spend $430 just to buy a hair dryer that is just “good-looking”, I also feel a little expensive. For the out-looking reason , I spend money to buy the first one, because the market can no longer find a comparable hair dryer. Dyson’s good-looking allows you to feel  unembarrassed even if you take photos out of the bathroom.

dyson hair dryer
dyson hair dryer pink

If you use already, you will be qualified to speak. From the perspective of consumers, where is Dyson?

Blogger–it’s me — woman.

Long hair. More hair.

The hair is soft and not easy to shape.

I am used to washing my hair every morning .

Occasionally apply a styling product daily.

Is it hurting your hair?


This is a direct question attack on the soul, but before answering this question, you may wish to self-test your hair for damage. There are several experiments that can help you.

healthy hair and damaged hair

Take the dropper and drop the water on the hair. If it is damaged (right), the water will be absorbed, while the healthy hair (left) will slide down. This experiment proves:

There is a void in the damaged hair, which directly causes the hair to look dull.

High temperatures can cause damage to the hair. When the temperature exceeds 150 °C, the hair begins to be damaged, the elasticity is lowered, and the hair is tarnished. Damaged hair has reduced elasticity, is easily be ripped off, not easy to shape, and has low durability.

Hair damage

Dry ranunculus, easy forking, lack of luster, easy to break, difficult to shape…. These are signs of hair damage that cannot be ignored.

However, hair damage is irreversible because the hair has no repairing ability. Once the hair is damaged, the most direct performance is to become rough and dry. This is because the outermost scales are damaged, the scales are not arranged neatly and smoothly, and the hair protected by the scales is lost. Proteins in the cortex are also affected, and hair elasticity, shine, and health are all implicated.

How to avoid hair damage

To avoid hair damage is very difficult, UV, high temperature, hot dyeing and even sea water will cause damage to the hair. But among them, the most direct and most easily overlooked is the daily damage caused by the hair dryer.

The hair dryer is used frequently and has a high temperature. It can damage the hair scales on the surface of the hair and damage the inner cortex layer in a short time, resulting in the loss of internal protein, and the hair becomes dry and dull, easy to break and knotted, like a dry grass

A woman is blowing hair with a Dyson hair dryer

But Dyson won’t, Dyson Supersonic TM is a hair dryer that really doesn’t hurt.

Strong airflow and fast dry hair. The most arrogant place for the Dyson hair dryer, in my opinion, is its strong wind, it is just a second.

One of the core heroes is Dyson’s proud digital motor, the ninth-generation Dyson digital motor, which precisely controls the speed through smart chips, allowing the 13 blades of the blower to pass at 110,000 rpm. The Air AmplifierTM airflow multiplier delivers three times the powerful airflow, which provides the high speed and high airflow required for fast dry hair, reducing hair damage. Three-speed precision wind speed setting, fast, medium speed and gentle. Like my hair with Dyson SupersonicTM, even in the second speed of the middle speed, it is absolutely dry in three minutes.

Dyson's ninth-generation digital motor
Dyson’s ninth-generation digital motor

At the same time, Dyson’s ninth-generation digital motor is also unique in its placement. This 49-gram, compact but powerful motor is placed behind the handle and leaves the head of the blower. Combined with Air AmplifierTM airflow multiplication technology, the airflow speed of the suction motor is amplified by 3 times, and high-pressure airflow is generated at high speed. When the airflow of the blower is strong enough, it does not need to rely on more heat, thus greatly reducing the damage to the cortex. , reducing the blowing time.

Perfect temperature control

Perfect temperature control to prevent injuries.

As we all know, the heat will quickly lose with the increase of distance, so often we are burned by the hair dryer, because the wind mouth is too close to the scalp to release heat. But I can say very responsibly that with the Dyson hair dryer, even if it is operated at close range, there is no hot condition.

Dyson hair dryer is equipped with intelligent temperature control technology. When drying hair and creating hairstyle at close range, the temperature of the air outlet can be monitored 20 times per second. The air temperature of the air outlet is controlled to never exceed 150 °C, thus preventing the hair from being overheated. Injury, care for the show shine.

Four-speed precision temperature setting, 100°C for fast drying and styling; 80°C for conventional drying, short hair for this enough; 60°C for gentle drying (scalp mode) and cold air mode.

The use of the button of the Dyson hairdryer
The use of the button of the Dyson hairdryer

Is it cool to use?

Why do I like Dyson SupersonicTM so much, because it has never been more than a portable model, to achieve the effect of not losing the salon-class hair dryer, in short – use it!

3 wind mouths, healthy shape

The constant temperature ensures that the hair is not damaged, and the controlled airflow prevents the hair from entangled and the soft hair is indispensable. But in addition to being able to blow dry and blow your hair, the Dyson hair dryer can also create a variety of healthy shapes.

3 wind mouths
3 wind mouths

Small and portable, it’s not tired for a long time.

Love it.Here to see more dyson hair dryer review.

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