Let’s tell you seven reasons why Dyson supersonic hair dryer purple is worth buying

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What are hidden in such a large box? Let’s open it and have a look together right now!

Why is the Dyson hair dryer purple worth buying? I believe that the first reaction when you heard the Dyson hair dryer is not how good it is, but how expensive it is, and it is more expensive than the hair dryers of some other famous brands . Today we are discussing about the seven reasons why people appreciate the Dyson hair dryer!

Dyson Supersonic hair dryer purple
Dyson Supersonic hair dryer purple

The brand effect
A successful brand is not only a corporate property and a consumer awareness, but also a carrier of the relationship among business, products and consumers. The price of the Dyson supersonic hair dryer is precisely determined by the profound technical experience since the establishment of Dyson in 1978 and the success stories of its other electrical products.

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The appearance is beautiful and it makes no noise
The shape of the Dyson hair dryer is amazing for many people because it is cylindrical – this is completely different from the shape of almost all other hair dryers on the market, plus its metallic luster, the entire hair dryer looks very upscale. The turning-on hair dryer will be very quiet because it changes the built-in motor tone frequency so that its sound frequency is not audible for human ears, plus the decompression stand and the noise cancellation system created by fluid acoustic engineering.

Fast drying
We have to mention its patent, air amplifier technology. To put it simply , it can increase the airflow drawn by the motor three times. Producing high-pressure airflow at high speed, it can achieve the effect of quickly drying hair and creating a smooth shape. The utilization of these technologies not only solves the problem of weak and slow airflow of traditional hair dryers on the market, but also allows users to easily achieve precise, controlled drying and styling to better manage smoothness while drying your hair.

Dyson Supersonic hair dryer purple package
Dyson Supersonic hair dryer purple package

Constant temperature control
As we all know, most of the hair dryers on the market, as long as the hot air function is turned on, blowing the hair for a short while, the scalp and the hair will be overheated, seriously lower the user’s hair quality and consumption experience. But the Dyson hair dryer did it – the Dyson hair dryer is equipped with a glass bead thermal sensor that detects the temperature of the outlets 20 times per second and automatically adjusts when the temperature is too high. Temperature and air volume can be adjusted arbitrarily, which is a good way to protect the consumer experience.

Do not inhale/stuck hair
Dyson has adopted its original fanless design. As mentioned before, its shape is cylindrical and hollow in the middle. When the hair is close to the air inlet, it will not be caught, and the hair will not be wrapped.

Besides the obvious shape unlike other hair dryers, the Dyson hair dryer is lighter to use than other hair dryers. This is due to the designer’s design of the hair dryer motor on the handle, so that the overall center of gravity is close to the handle, according to the principle of leverage, it will be very easy to use.

Everyone has the curiosity to explore new things. Because of its unique shape, excellent functions and unique price positioning, such product is favored by many people even if they are not going to buy one.

To sum up, is the Dyson hair dryer worth buying? We believe that it depends on whether individuals are yearning for a high quality of life. If you are the one who is pursuing fashion and high-tech, this is a good choice!

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