How To Choose The Hair Dryer

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As a delicate pig girl, three thousand hairs is equal to the meat of the heart.Wash a head to still can blow naturally summer dry, but winter is not ok!It’s too easy to pull out cold hair. It’s uncomfortable.This time blower makes the hair changes dry quickly appropriately, what harm does that use blower have to the hair after all?how to choose a suitable hair dryer for you?

The first thing, what’s all this hype about Ceramic Hair dryers?

Ceramic has unique heat conduction properties which result in evenly heated hair. This is good for hair health and time and energy effeciency. Whereas a blow dryer with metal or plastic heating elements tends to burn with extreme high heat. As a result, the hair gets over-heated and dries unevenly.

The second thing High or Low Wattage?

The more watts a hair dryer has, the more power and heat it can provide. There really isn’t a wattage that is specific for each hair type; however, you can always turn down the heat but still have the power. A good range is between 1300-1875 watts.
We heard that dyson hair dryer 1600 w,which Using the sole of the Air Amplifier Air multiplier technology with ultra-thin efficient heating components, Air is from the bottom of the Supersonic handle, blowing head behind the suction at the same time, blowing out will also blow out part of the surrounding Air into the Air, the final blow out 3 times the motor specific temperature of the intake Air is a amazing!!!

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The third things Multiple Speeds and Heat Settings:

Choose a hair dryer that has multiple heat and speed settings! As well as a cool shot button.Just like your flat iron, it’s important to adjust your heat settings according to your hair type. More is not always better. Thicker more dense hair is ideal for the highest heat setting, but for thin and fragile hair be sure to use the lowest heat setting.your cool shot button can be used when the hair is 80% dry to set your style or curls.
Dyson supersonic also is not can blow gale only, 3 class wind speed and 4 class temperature can be adjusted respectively, calculate down a total of 12 kinds of groups, compared with the majority on the market 6 kinds many times, always can find the band that suits yourself. Dyson by Supersonic internal embedded microprocessor and glass bead thermal sensors, can do 20 times per second, testing the temperature of the outlet, not only can control the temperature change in a small range, can also support all the gear, and even if all of two inlet is blocked, can still be effective temperature control. Unbelievable!!!

dyson supersonic
dyson supersonic

The fourth thing Light Weight:

We spend a good chunk of time blow drying our hair, so you should care about the dyer’s weight. Do not choose a huge, clunky, and heavy dryer. Instead, choose one that weights 1lb. or less. This will save on shoulder fatigue and back pain.
Dryers with high air volume are particularly heavy and tired to lift, and have changed little in more than 50 years since the 1960s. Dyson solved this problem for the first time by adjusting the center of gravity of the dryers and reducing the nozzle length.

dyson supersonic hair dryer
dyson supersonic hair dryer

Now that you have learned what to look for when purchasing your next blow dryer, go ahead and give yourself permission to ditch that old one and invest in a tool that will protect your hair, create shine, and give you a finish you will love!!!

Be sure to check out our tutorial on how to give yourself a professional blowout at home!

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