Four small tests show the charm of the Dyson supersonic hair dryer

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We are going to celebrate the Chinese New Year soon. Do you have any idea of what to buy for your girlfriend? ! Now let us introduce you to a high-value technology product – Dyson Supersonic hair dryer!

dyson supersonic hair dryer
dyson supersonic hair dryer

1) Appearance

Dyson’s hair dryer is more stylish and smaller than the average hair dryer. The overall shape is round and has a metallic texture, which is different from the plastic texture of a general hair dryer. There are three types of Dyson supersonic hair dryers’ nozzles for drying, styling and curling. The hair dryer is magnetic, and it is convenient and close to the air outlet. The front end of the hair dryer is a ring-shaped air outlet, which can be connected to the above three nozzles or can be used alone. The back end is red and there are four buttons. The top two are used to adjust the temperature and wind speed. The next one is the switch and the other is the cold air button.

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2) Using feelings


The sound is indeed smaller than other hair dryers, especially when it is far away, the sound of the hair dryer is basically not felt. However, I feel that the sound is sharper than the sound of a normal hair dryer.


The wind blown out can still let me feel that the wind is not scattered and the wind is concentrated. The air inlet is at the bottom of the handle, and there are many small holes at the entrance. The inlet wind speed is not very large and will not attract the hair. At the same time, the small holes also prevent the hair from being caught.

Dyson supersonictm hair dryer has a total of 3 wind speed settings, 4 wind speed options. Each of the small series has been tried for a while. After each temperature is blown for a long time, it does not become hot and the temperature is stable. When the gear is switched, for example, from hot air to cold air, it takes about 2-3 seconds.

dyson supersonic hair dryer
dyson supersonic hair dryer

3) Blowing test

Dyson hair dryer has a total of three nozzles: Dyson smooth wind nozzle (whole drying and can not knot), Dyson style wind nozzle (fine bangs, inner buckle, straight hair), Dyson diffuser (increasing hair curl) .

In order to better understand the difference among the three wind nozzles, we took a Dyson hair dryer, communicated with a professional hair stylist, and evaluated the Dyson hair dryer styling.

The stylist finally shared some feelings and experiences with the Dyson hair dryer, which we sorted out here:

First, the overall feeling is relatively small and will not be particularly noisy next to customers. It is obvious at the scene that if you use the Dyson hair dryer, the customers who sit next to the haircut basically have no influence.

Second, because the diameter of the smooth air nozzle is narrow, the wind is relatively concentrated, and the blowing process for the customer will not blow to the customer’s face. It is easier to blow the hair straight from the top to the bottom.

Third, the air inlet has detailed protection and will not be rolled into the customer’s hair. And the suction is not particularly strong, does not affect the handheld.

Fourth, Dyson’s styling nozzle is more suitable for blowing style, and the protection of curls is better. The wind speed is small, the wind is three-dimensional, and it is also hot. Suitable for curly hair.

Fifth, the hot air temperature is constant, and the temperature does not rise because of the long blowing time. Customers also feel that there will be no scalp.

dyson supersonic hair dryer
dyson supersonic hair dryer

4) Protection test

In addition to the innovation of product appearance and styling, Dyson’s main concept is not to hurt the hair. In order to verify this, we have done a small experiment.

To study the effect of a hair dryer on the hair, you first need to understand the structure of the hair. The hair is mainly composed of epidermis layer, cortical layer and medulla, and the proportions are 15%, 80% and 5% respectively. The cortex layer with the ratio of up to 80% is equivalent to the middle part of the hair, and the cortex maintains hair elasticity. Tension and curl, maintain hair’s moisture retention and determine hair color. So the cortical layer is the most important component.

The outermost layer of hair on the scales, covering the surface of the hair like a fish scale. Hair scales protect the hair from moisture loss. Common hair problems such as split ends, incompatibility, discomfort, and porosity are the main problems of opening and falling off the scales.

We compared the hair after using a Dyson hair dryer and naturally dried hair, and found that the Dyson hair dryer can help the scales close to a certain extent.


In general, Dyson’s hair dryer is full of technology, both in appearance and in its interior design. The metal shape of the shape and the process of changing the button are all felt to be using an electronic product instead of a simple blowing device. The overall satisfaction of the family’s needs for blowing and styling is relatively small and easy to carry. Every time I raise my hair dryer, I have a feeling: I am using technology to give my hair a feeling of blessing.

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