First Experience of Dyson supersonic hair dryer

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To be honest, I never thought I would spend so much money on a hair dryer.I didn’t think it was worth the price until I first used it.

I am a person who likes to play with my hair very much. My hair color and hairstyle are always changing. Of course, this directly leads to my hair quality getting worse and worse, so I have to do something to save my hair.Essential hair oil, shampoo and conditioner are the best I can buy.

One day I came across an article on the Internet about Dyson hair dryer‘s sense of use. I looked at it with suspicion.

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But I am a person who likes all the good things. I have to say that the design of this hair dryer captured my heart at once. It’s a very technological shape. It can be understood as something that looks very expensive. Plus the magical comments on the internet.So for my hair, I tried to buy Dyson supersonic hair dryer rose red

I opened it the first time I received it and wanted to see him urgently.I have to say that its appearance is really the best one among all the hair dryers I have used. It looks very stylish. That’s one of the reasons I bought it.

In order to use it as soon as possible, I even went to wash my hair specially.First, I opened two gears. The sound was really low. Probably because its sound frequency is beyond the range that people can hear, that is, ultrasound, and to some extent eliminate some of the noise.

Then it’s the time it takes to blow-dry your hair. It’s really super short! It’s incredibly short! The time for drying bangs with other hair dryers!This may be attributed to its 27mm ultra-small ultra-fast speed motor!

I’m really satisfied with that, because I always come home late for work reasons, and I have to endure sleepiness to blow dry my hair and then go to bed. It’s very troublesome. Now that I have Dyson hair dryer, I can go to bed earlier! It’s really great!

Then I’ll talk about the sense of use.The hair dried with it is really different from the hair dried with traditional hair dryer. I can feel it at the first time. It is obviously smoother and less dry.

And in order to test its efficacy, I didn’t use conditioner when I washed my hair!Another thing I have to say is that I didn’t stop it because the temperature was too high.Speaking of this, I actually learned a lesson.

At one time, I almost burned my hair with other hair dryers because I was distracted.But it won’t. Even if I keep blowing it in the same place, it won’t burn the skin because the temperature is too high.And it has an intelligent automatic protection mechanism. When the fuselage is overheated and the filter screen needs to be cleaned, the indicator lights give prompts and stop working automatically, which will not cause any damage to the scalp and hair.

This is my first experience of using Dyson supersonic hair dryer.In a word, it really deserves that price!It’s really great. After a period of use, my hair quality is much better than before.And bifurcation, dryness and irritability have really improved a lot.

I will continue to use it, and I will share with you my hair quality change next time I have a chance.And if you have enough money, believe me, buy it as soon as possible, it will bring you a different experience!

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