Dyson Supersonic pink hair dryer’s evaluation – black tech is really good!

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Do you guys think it is a very interesting pink hair dryer? Guess what the brand it is.

The brand-Dyson should have been heard widely – it originated in Malmesbury, England, and its products include hair dryers, air purifiers, vacuum cleaners, etc. It is a company that has been designing and developing to improve people’s lives all the time.

Today we will try to experience Dyson hair dryer pink hair dryer, which has recently set off a discussion boom in the beauty salon!
With first glance of outer packaging, it makes us feel “excellent” – because it is twice the size of the outer packaging of many other hair dryer products. The back of the package also writes some of its own features. In particular, it writes “air amplifiertm”. Yes, this is one of Dyson’s widely-applied patents. Its specific effect, in simple terms, a fan does not need a fan blade to make strong winds. The specific principle is that the annular slit in the annular airflow multiplier accelerates the airflow, forming an jet flow directed by the arcuate airfoil in the direction of the jet, and continuously encircling the surrounding air into the airflow. This design is both simple and cool, and it is rare.

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Dyson Supersonic pink hair dryer’s outer package
Dyson Supersonic pink hair dryer’s outer package

We opened the outer packaging and found that its shape was the same as that of the outer packaging. After taking out the hair dryer, we found that it was not inverted L-shaped, at first glance it was a bit like a microphone. Dyson Supersonic was very light in one’s hand because Dyson Supersonic made a bold breakthrough – placing the motor in the handle and making the handle a very long design. In this way, the overall weight distribution of the hair dryer is very uniform, avoiding the inconvenience of the users.

Dyson Supersonic pink hair dryer
Dyson Supersonic pink hair dryer

Look at its button design! There are four buttons for the entire blower: the air volume control and temperature control are on the ring. On the handle are the main switch and the cold air button. After power-on, we can see LED lights with two colors on the ring, one is red and the other is white. Red indicates heat, while white indicates air volume. There are three levels of heat, as is the air volume. In particular, even if you turn the heat to the maximum level, don’t worry about hair overheating, because Dyson Supersonic’s unique temperature control technology – that is, the temperature of the blown wind will not be higher than the set temperature, which ensures that the hair is dry And take into account the degree of water retention. Generally, the hair dryer can’t have both, which is the first choice for beauty lovers.

In addition to the hair dryer, we found that it has three nozzles, and the general hair dryer does not have any or has only one, while it is very thoughtful and not superfluous. The three different air nozzles are the smooth air nozzle, the shaping air nozzle and the diffusion nozzle. They handle three different situations – the overall drying, the bangs and the curls. In this way, the three different needs are met to the greatest extent.

So to sum up, we believe that the price of Dyson’s product theory is correct for its price. But on the price/performance ratio, I don’t think it can be estimated, because Dyson’s product features are unique in the world, and there are no products to compare with them.
From its other products, such as vacuum cleaners and air purifiers, Dyson Supersonic is the same. If you want high-tech and high-quality life, Dyson Supersonic is the first choice.

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