Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer Technology Analysis

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The principle of the traditional hair dryer is to use a motor to rotate the electric fan and heat energy, so that the electric fan draws in the air and then blows out the hot air, so that the moisture on the surface of the hair is accelerated and evaporated. This principle has hardly changed much since 1915. We talked about this in more detail in “The Five Questions of Hair Dryers”.

Dyson supersonic hair dryer ‘ s leafless blower utilizes an ultra-small motor hidden inside the handle. This motor is super-crown: first, the world’s smallest and lightest motor, followed by the most advanced ninth-generation digital motor, followed by With 13 axial impellers, it creates a fast, concentrated airflow that draws air from the lower part and the upper part.

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The semi-disassembled Dyson has a very small aperture in the second hole of the air inlet. Excellent touch: similar to the shape of Quake, anyone who feels in the hand can feel the dazzling sense of technology, because the motor is built in the handle, plus no blade, the weight is not high, but it feels lighter after holding it.

The details of the secret use are touching: In fact, the hair dryer has come to this day, the entry threshold is very low, whether it is satisfactory, the details are very important. Because there is no leaf, the principle of airflow is adopted, so there is absolutely no problem that the traditional hair dryer will involve the hair.

Of course, as long as the hair dryer above the middle end is purchased, there is basically no such problem. Followed by the noise, every time I watched the net red, they recorded the video of the hair dryer, and they were tired of love. Because of the roaring motor sound, I had to talk with my voice.

Dyson hair dryer‘s motor rotates 110,000 times per minute at the handle, producing a frequency that is inaudible to the human ear. It also uses noise cancellation, plus no blades, natural noise and traditional air jets are not at the same level.

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Good temperature control: Dyson’s hair dryer has 3 speeds and 4 speeds. The temperature has a cold air of 25 degrees, 60 degrees, 80 degrees, and 95 degrees. 60 degrees can be used to blow the scalp, 80 degrees is considered a low heat temperature file. Dyson Supersonic uses intelligent temperature control technology to measure the outlet air temperature 20 times per second to prevent overheating damage.


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