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When thinking about the perfect hairstyle, it takes more than a hair straightener or curling wand to create the final look. Finding the best hair dryer is essential as it is the first step in your hair styling routine and helps prevent frizz, flyaways and static, as well as priming your hair for the other steps.hairdryer is daily life indispensable small home appliance, the hairdryer brand on the market also is countless enumeration, because this has a lot of people to be able to ask: “hairdryer what brand is good?”Here’s a look at the top 9 brands of hair dryers.


Dyson is a British innovative technology company, founded in 1993, is not only the inventor of clean vacuum cleaners, but also hair products and hair design leader.
We’re going to talk, among other things, about the dyson hair dryer, a group with black technology.Its built-in intelligent temperature control technology, monitoring the wind temperature 20 times per second, prevent overheating damage, care for natural shine hair.With high speed digital motor Air Amplifier dyson Air multiplier technology, rotating at 110000 revolutions per minute, concentrated high-speed airflow blow dry smooth and accurate control model.The motor is placed in the handle for more balance in the hand.The nozzle with magnetic connection design can rotate 360 degrees.With 12 wind temperature/wind speed regulation, to meet more detailed requirements.Low noise operation, hair blowing more comfortable.

dyson hair dryer
dyson hair dryer
dyson supersonic hair dryer
dyson supersonic hair dryer

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Dyson supersonic hair dryer ,which Do the first 3 hairdryers in the history of the first.
1,First time in portable hair dryer size achieve the effect of salon level hair blowing.
2,The first time basically solved the hair dryer for a long time to use the problem of lifting tired.
3,For the first time, the hair dryer has a strong sense of design and is extremely durable

二 Panasonic

 Panasonic is a famous brand in Japan. Founded in 1918, its products cover many fields such as home appliances, digital audio-visual electronics, office products and aviation.

So, what about panasonic hair dryers? See what the net friend says.

j***o:Long wanted to buy, in black technology and 98 hesitate for a long time, black technology price is too high, the final choice of panasonic eh-na98 hair dryer, family use, very good, after the bath blowing hair, hair is smooth do not want to do not want to, there is a function did not fumble out, it is estimated that the facial beauty.Very much!It’s worth it!It’s a very soft wind, not the dry wind。

Y **w: when I was traveling to Japan, I used panasonic hair dryer in the hotel, which was very easy to use. It was very smooth after blowing my hair. It was winter, and there was no static electricity at all.After coming back, I decided to purchase a panasonic eh-na30 hair dryer。

Overseas online shopping panasonic hair dryers may be more cost-effective。

 三 Philips

 Philips is one of the world’s largest electronics companies, founded in 1891.In 1962, philips introduced the first hair dryer.In 1981, philips created the first foldable hair dryer.In the 1990s, technologies such as ceramics and steam were applied to hair dryers.With more than 50 years of professional hair care quality, philips hair dryer is absolutely trustworthy and choice.

Wengjianhua521: philips’ hair dryer rather easy to use, it is recommended that you use philips HP8202 this, cost-effective, and protect the hair, can always blow out with it is not the same feeling, 57 ° C temperature protection, is said to be not hurt is qualitative, use after a period of time, really feel no hair loss, instead of blowing the hair feels very peng is very bright, hair look good。

Her second uncle: a big brand. The shaver is of the same brand. The quality is excellent.I used philips HP8230, 2100W high power, which was soon blown dry, and the shape is very convenient.Use 55 degrees constant temperature hair care technology, will not hurt the hair.Six speed adjustable, all kinds of satisfaction throughout the year.


Solis Switzerland has been developing and producing professional hair dryers since 1933. At present, solis has become the top brand in the global professional hair dryers market. Its professional hotel series hair dryers have won the favor of many international top hotels and are used in domestic five-star hotels such as marriott and sheraton.

五 Braun

Braun is a famous German brand, can be called the model of German design, has won more than 60 red dot design awards.Braun products have been involved in electric razors, women’s hair shaver, hair products, kitchen appliances and other fields。

Braun hair dryer adopts unique IONTEC technology to fully protect and brighten hair.It is also equipped with Satin Protect, which can prevent moisture loss caused by high temperature during hair blowing and Protect hair more comprehensively。

六 VS

Sassoon is an international famous hairdressing brand, which belongs to procter & gamble company. It mainly focuses on hair washing products, hair care products and styling products.So, what about sassoon’s hair dryer?Let’s have a look at what the netizens say。

Zhu ** : sassoon’s hair dryer is quite good. It directly drives the rotor of the motor to drive the blade to rotate. When the blade rotates, air enters the air inlet and is sucked in.When air passes through, if the heating wire on the heating bracket in the air nozzle has been energized and becomes hot, the hot wind is blown. If the weak selection switch does not make the heating wire energized and heated, the cold wind is blown

Ly *** : the quality of sassoon hair dryer is ok. The power is different and the price is different.Be in commonly 100 or so, quality has assure.She has been looking for a hair dryer with water moistening anion. Panasonic NM is too expensive. Therefore, she likes this one very much。


Flyco is the first brand recognized by razor industry in China. Apart from razor, it mainly involves personal care appliances such as hair dryer, nose hair clipper, perm, women’s hair shaving machine, electric iron and hanging ironing machine.The evaluation that sees netizen’s flying division hairdryer below.

Sweet melon seed flat: hair dryer or want to buy some of caution, do not buy the brand that did not see, of flying division really very good, use very safe, recommend everybody to see this one to fly division FH6232 hair dryer.

The darkest month in the night sky: the razor that flies division is very good, the razor that gives husband when marriage still is being used now, the hair dryer that also USES in the home also flies division, very easy to use, recommend everybody to buy what fly division FH6618 family expenses electric hair dryer.

What I use is flying of the hair dryer, have been salivating panasonic anion hair dryer, but often thousands of pieces of price, let’s party, this kind of helpless pain students then chose the one hundred yuan of fly FH6273 anion hair dryer, provide water embellish hair anion, high power and has six gears is adjustable, the individual feels pretty good already, and appearance is quite high level.


Founded in 1983, superman is a famous trademark of zhejiang province. Its razor, hair dryer and other products are well-known in the industry.Here’s a look at the opinions of netizens on superman hairdryer.

九 Kangfu

Kangfu is a famous trademark of guangdong province, the main products are hair dryer, hairpin, electric scissors, not only sell well throughout the country, but also exported to Britain, Italy, Australia and other more than 40 countries and regions.Careful friends will find that many barbershops use the hair dryer of kangfu.

Comparing the advantages of the above brands, I only choose you Dyson hair dryer.

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