Dyson hair dryer, yes or no?

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Dyson hair dryer, yes or no?

I just used the Dyson supersonic hair dryer this morning, then I can’t wait to share my feeling of it with you, who also likes Dyson. This limited edition pink boxed Dyson hair dryer, which I always wanted very much, even asked my friend to buy it in Europe in April, because there was no pink in the US, only brown box, I don’t like it, and extra Paid. Fortunately, I asked Dyson customer service, only to know that the European version can’t be used in the United States, and then I wait for Mother’s Day to buy in the United States. We must remember this in the future when we buy multinational electrical products.

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My hairs are very good. I never picked up hair dryers and shampoo hair care products until I burned my hair several times. I found that my hair was rough and knotted, it is not easy to care it well. I usually burned it when I come back to China, every time I choose the “most expensive” syrup in the hairdressing salon, I think we must choose the hairdresser and stylist carefully. Some of them are really good. If my hair is not good, my mood sure will be affected, according to the good Dyson hair dryer reviews, I decided to try this Dyson Supersonic™ to save my hair. I have high expectations for it. . It has been used for few days now, so I’d like to share you something as follows:


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✅It is light and good looking

✅Small noise, we can use it while we are watching TV

✅It prevents hair from getting involved, it is safe

✅It has 3 kinds of wind mouths for different hair styles! And the suction nozzle magnet is fixed like a suction, it is very convenient

✅Short drying time: My hair is very thick, using the lowest level of “wind” and “heat”, and can be dried in 5 minutes. If you use the most high-end, it is estimated that it will take two minutes.

✅ Its wind and temperature are adjustable, with cold air for styling.

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❎The wire is heavy and the total weight makes me not want to take it when I travel.

❎Service life: It is said to be developed according to the 10-year service life.

❎The price is higher than normal dryer.

Overall, with some hair care products, my hair is very fluffy and smooth, not knotted, rough, very shiny! Of course, the hair care products I used also played a role. Plus the advantages and disadvantages I wrote above, measure the difference, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages, Dyson hair dryer is still worth buying

Here are four simple steps to create a smooth hair at home using the Dyson Supersonic  hair dryer with different winds and winds, so you can quickly dry your hair while keeping your hair smooth and perfect.

Step 1: Turn on the heat and wind speed of the highest number of segments without using the wind mouth.

When you want to create a fluffy feel, you can put on the wind mouth and set it to the lowest temperature, gently massage from the root to the top to create a sense of volume.

Step 2: Turn on the middle section of the heat and the highest wind speed. With the smooth air nozzle, when the hair is blown to the semi-dry, you can put the smooth air nozzle on the air cylinder and blow the hair from top to bottom. The strong airflow smooths the scales and creates a smooth, shiny feel.

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Step 3: Turn on the heat and wind speed of the highest number of segments, and match the shape of the wind nozzle.

When the hair is blown to 80% dry, you can change the style of the nozzle. As the width of the nozzle becomes narrower, the airflow and temperature are more concentrated, making it easy to create my most distinctive fluffy hair.

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Step 4: Turn on the cold air mode and the minimum wind speed.

Last but not least, you need to turn on the cold air mode and replace it with a wind blower to evenly blow the hair to fix the hair. As a result, the hair style can last up to a full day.

Dyson hair dryer is a fighter in the whole hair dryer field. Happiness and explosion-proof home appliances #Dyson

It is a must-have for homes that enhances our happiness.

If you are also a big fan of Dyson, please feel free to contact me, I will be very glad to share you more about Dyson.

My whatsapp is  +852 6895 4525.

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