My lovely story with Dyson hair dryer

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My husband is gentle and considerate, but we had a big contradiction on buying a Dyson hair dryer. For someone who doesn’t know the Dyson supersonic hair dryer, it is estimated that the price of a hair dryer will be somewhat puzzled and surprising. I also because the price has been hesitant and did not shoot.

Recently I was found pregnancy. I washed my hair every morning. I have long hair. It is often difficult to blow dry for half an hour. So It is easy to catch a cold when I go out. Thus my husband  suddenly supported me to buy this digital smart hair dryer. In addition, I heard that the design of this hair dryer has gone through 50 months, and more than 100 engineers participated in the design. Akin Konizi, my most admired hair stylist, also participated in the design process. What a magic hair dryer is It!

My lovely story with Dyson hair dryer

My reviews on Dyson hair dryer

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When I received this hair dryer, I was very excited. It was very heavy and I couldn’t wait to open the package carefully. Below, as a beneficiary buyer of Dyson hair dryer, I would like to share with you some more details you may want to know. After studied it very carefully, I give reviews on Dyson hair dryer in the following aspects:

1. With the small and exquisite shape, Dyson’s control is mainly controlled by buttons. The whole operation is very convenient, the power / cold wind / wind speed / temperature, 4 buttons can easily get all the functions. It’s really a combination of multifunction and convenience.

My lovely story with Dyson hair dryer2

2.This unique smart AIO hair dryer body is metal material, nice texture and feel, the weight is slightly heavier than other materials, but because its motor is only 27mm, and designed in the position of the handle, so It’s labor-saving while holding. Plus the fashionable appearance, no wonder that the its users love to show off this special hair dryer!

3.Another of my most intuitive feelings is that the accessories are so complete (some do not know what to do), there are sponge pads on the box lid to protect the products, high-end atmosphere. There is also a small detail, the warranty certificate of the manual also has a plastic bag, perfectly captured my heart by these detail.

4.As can be seen from the appearance, the head design of the Dyson smart hair dryer is similar to hollow, which is very different from the shape of the traditional hair dryer. For the babies who have never seen it, when you first see the product, you can never imagine that this “hammer” like product is actually a hair dryer.The Dyson hair dryer is really a brain-opening attempt in the design.

My lovely story with Dyson hair dryer3

In order to meet the styling needs of our girls, Dyson also offers 3 kinds of wind mouths to make the style easy and casual. I will be happy to introduce you to these three styles.

(1)Diffused nozzle for quick drying and styling of curly hair

For girls with curly hair, if they are not well managed, the hairstyle will collapse. With this diffuse wind blowing, we don’t have to go to the barber shop, we can blow out the hot look at home.

My lovely story with Dyson hair dryer4

(2)The smooth air nozzle, through the smooth and wide airflow, the wind mouth gently blows the hair down, drying and smoothing, our shape is very suitable for girls with straight hair. Of course, blowing a buckle or a wave head is no exception. The shape of the air nozzle, precise control of the airflow, easy to manually manage more complex shapes.

My lovely story with Dyson hair dryer5

(3)The styling nozzle, because the direction is concentrated, can be shaped for one area without disturbing the shape of other areas. This is similar to a smooth wind mouth, but it is more conducive to concave shape.

My lovely story with Dyson hair dryer6

5. Dyson’s smart hair dryer is equipped with a magnetic design at the connection between the air nozzle and the air cylinder. It can be rotated 360 degrees. It is convenient for the stylist who often change nozzle at work!

My lovely story with Dyson hair dryer7

For blowing hair with a hair dryer, everyone is concerned about not hurting the hair. Excessive hair dryer temperature is the main cause of hair damage. Usually, too high a temperature will take away the moisture in the inner layer of the hair, making the hair dry, hairy, and not care.

I found this hair dryer paid great attention to temperature control. It set the temperature sensor at the air outlet and will control the temperature according to our hair temperature to ensure that it will not cause high temperature damage to our hair. This is very good and I am very satisfied.

In short, the sense of detail is full. After two weeks of trial, the feeling is 90 points. As the saying goes, every penny worth the price. “Dyson Black Technology” is famous for its engineering and technological innovation. It has been very popular in recent years. Whether it’s work, styling or practical experience, this Dyson hair dryer is really worth a try, regardless of price.

Reminder: Many people stop to try the amazing hair dryer because of the price, there are Dyson hair dryer on sale, attractive in price and quality. If you are interested or would like to know more about the Dyson/Dyson hair dryer, you can contact me (I am very happy to help you)

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